Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Backgrounds completed yesterday

So I finished drawing all the backgrounds yesterday, but only just started putting them into the animatic now, didn't realise we had to actually have them all in the actual animatic... this is going to be long...


Some uncoloured sketches of Elliot with different expressions both facial and body language...

Bananas "Gorilla" form sketches

Just some sketches of the silhouette, and as much I'd think it'd cool to animate it actually in the sketchy line way, it's not the style I'm going for, so I can't :/ oh well, maybe another time if I do something abstract. Besides that would be quite a nightmare animating it like that if I were to, wouldn't it...?

Bananas again...

Just some sketches of Bananas expressions and poses...

The monster from the shadows... and no he's not blue!

It's not a monster, it's just a silhouette of Bananas, mistaken by Elliot to be a monster, and appears like a somewhat "Gorilla" (well that was the idea) because it's dark and Elliot's panicked and scared so he's doesn't take his time to see what it really is. He's just going to appear as a black silhouette.


Uncoloured character sheet of Bananas... his proportions are a monkey of a doodle to figure out and he looks weird there but that's how his proportions should be according to all my sketches and storyboard.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Woops, forgot about someone!

After a long time of researching real elephants and all the other cartoons I could think of, I came across a DVD, a really old cartoon which I had completely forgotten about, which I used to love and adore. All those memories and even the the song came back to me. Bump the Elephant! I bought the DVD, but stupidly left it back home with my 3 year old nephew so I can't take any screen captures and decent pictures are hard to find let alone any at all. But Bump is the almost the perfect example of what I'm aiming for, flat colours but slightly washed out, simple shapes all over, simple backgrounds etc.